Friday, 17 February 2012


* You all know I love vintage clothes. STOP. I'd like you to get this dresses in RL for me. STOP. My birthday is in August. STOP. Thanks. STOP. Lol. 

* Todos sabeis que me encanta la ropa vintage. STOP. Me gustarĂ­a que me consiguierais estos vestidos en RL. STOP. Gracias. STOP. Lol.

- Hair: WILDO - WILDO/M2/05
- Glasses: [glow] Studio - Beachwood Glasses White Lace
- Jewelry: [MG] - White South Sea Pearl
- Shoes: [e] - Move Pumps
- Dresses: Ohmarie - Paulas Dress (Pic 1 - Rose, Pic 2 - Blue)


  1. Is that a hint? :P Well, wait til August and we'll see. I live in Cambrige and you know how oh-so-good vintage shops are in this country... :)

  2. ooooohhhhh
    guess wha? in a pair of weeks i'll be in manchester hahaha
    lets go shopping!

  3. Seriously!? Been there only once, but I fell totally in love with the city (specially cause of their lifestyle :P) Guess Manchester's much cooler than Cambs, at least shopping wise :P

    For how long are u staying? Have tons of fun!! :)