Saturday, 21 April 2012

The Fantasy Faire is back!!!

This are just some of the hundreds of pics i've been taken. It was so easy to shoot ans take a lovely picture! There're 10 awesome sims to visit, each one with a different fantasy theme.

Oh, and don't forget to visit my fairy godmother's store, *Fairy Pearls*. Napole always manages to leave me speechless with her colorful and beautiful decoration. This time she's been creating awesome little treasures for petite avatars, wonderfully made by Alea Lamont. 

Thanks for the presents you gave to me, Napo and Alea!!

The Fantasy Faire is not just about shopping. In many respects it has the feeling of a nine day long celebration where friends come together to relax and rekindle old friendships as well as forge new ones. During the Faire there will be many events which take place including concerts, DJ sessions and more. You are invited to visit these events, bring your friends and have fun!

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